Grow New Brain Cells Through Neurogenesis with the Help of CBD


Growing New Brain Cells with the Help of CBD

Can CBD help you grow new brain cells? Brain specialists used to think that by your mid twenties you were done with neurogenesis. You would never grow another brain cell again. Then, over time with the combination of stress, and aging, and toxins like alcohol, we would slowly wear down our brains until they degenerated before we died.

This very bleak picture has been turned around a bit recently where brain specialists have found that in fact, neurogenesis is possible. Possibly not across the entire brain, but in certain parts of the brain absolutely. There may be some things that will support neurogenesis. CBD may have benefit, although the studies are very small. Any study that’s been done on CBD has just been done in the laboratory, on laboratory animals, or even in Petri dishes, not extending into human models at all.

CBD + Healthy Diet = NEW BRAIN CELLS

If CBD is going to be beneficial, it’s going to have to be supported by an excellent diet. The American diet and lifestyle with no exercise, really unhealthy fats, and lots of simple carbohydrates is a disaster for neurogenesis. If you want to have a healthy brain, CBD combined with a mediterranean diet rich in omega-3 fats is going to help promote excellent nerve growth and neurogenesis, but also keep nice, smooth, shiny, myelin sheaths, the insulators that allow the communication back and forth between different nerves.

Can CBD help to promote neurogenesis? Possibly, but only in the right setting.

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