Cannabinoid Protocol Certified Coach

I’m Laura, an organic farmer, Certified Cannabinoid Coach, mother of two beautiful children, and creator of Story Hill Bliss. I was raised on a family-owned ranch in Montana where I learned to appreciate the freedom
and joy that comes with living in nature. I have always been an adventurous spirit, easily enchanted by the magic of nature, and always inquisitive about the mysteries of life. As a young girl, I spent most days riding a
horse and learning about the healing properties of the plants from my father.

My passion surrounding the use of Cannabis Plant Medicine to replace pharmaceuticals derived from my need to heal from multiple injuries from childhood horse and ski accidents. I’ve endured 33 surgeries throughout my
life and many of my accidents included Traumatic Brain Injuries. I lived my life with chronic, often debilitating pain. My continuous physical, mental, and emotional anguish was exacerbated when my son’s car stalled on
train tracks and was struck by a train with me still inside. Although I was able to walk away from the accident, I was left unable to focus my thoughts and remember words. I struggled to take care of myself which
meant I also struggled to care for my children. I developed severe depression, anxiety, and PTSD. The continuous influx of prescription medications didn’t improve my quality of life; if anything, it made me realize if
I wanted to get better, I was going to have to look into other healing methods.

Cannabis has always been important to me, but after the train accident it became a pivotal and restorative part of my rehabilitation. In 2017 I learned about the endocannabinoid system. I studied the benefits of
Cannabidiol (CBD) and was later introduced to Cannabigerol (CBG) and Cannibinal (CBN); all are healing cannabinoid compounds obtained from the cannabis and hemp plants. Although I did not regain all my
function, I am now able to have coherent conversations, work the farm, and be present mother.

My journey back to health led me to Dr. Mary Clifton’s Cannabinoid Protocol Certification Course. Dr. Clifton’s course taught me how cannabis helped me regain my quality of life during and after my recovery period. I am
now certified to coach others on how to use cannabinoids to make improvements in their lives. I also found Healy Energy Frequency Therapy; Healy Therapy is a holistic approach to healing where a frequency device is
utilized to measure your individual frequency and customize specific frequencies to return you to bioenergetic alignment. I created Story Hill Bliss to promote holistic healing and wellness. In honor of my home in the Story
Hills of Montana, Story Hill Bliss is a platform I created to advocate for mental, physical, and emotional wellness. Bliss is particularly important to me; I find it in the healing powers of nature, art, animals, food,
friends, and family. Story Hill Bliss is where I share my art, education, and testimony with the world.

For cannabis education, wellness motivation, organic farming, and more follow me at @StoryHillBliss on Instagram. For Cannabinoid Coaching, Content Collaborations, or Healy Frequency Sessions please contact me

Quotes I live by:

“One day at a time.” -me

“Anything is possible, even the impossible.” -Mary Poppins

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