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Are you ready to start CBD or cannabis, but you want  to talk with a doctor who understands the medications and how to use them?  While 80% of doctors think cannabis and cbd will help their patients, only 30% feel comfortable recommending the medications and far fewer actually know how to use the medications.

Dr. Clifton provides concise, complete consultation in an urgent care setting regarding your cannabis and CBD questions. Consultations are available for $300 for an average 30 minute consult.  Get your questions answered quickly and conveniently whenever and wherever you like, and start healing and feeling better now.

All consultation are completely confidential, no insurance accepted, and kept on paper rather than an electronic record, so there is no risk that your record will be reviewed by an insurer or hacked by a computer virus.

Take back your health today. Get started on the right medications for the greatest benefit without guesswork and wasting time.