Why Does Smoking Cannabis Make Your Eyes Bloodshot?

A short educational video by Mary Clifton, MD

The Pearls

[0:34] This will unfortunately turn your eyes red and bloodshot…

[0:53] Use eye drops that hydrate the eyes…

[0:59] A great pair of sunglasses…

[1:22] Reduce the amount of THC in your product…

The full transcription

I’m Dr. Mary Clifton. I’m an internal medicine doctor.

Cannabis is very beneficial to the eyes. In studies, it’s been shown to reduce inflammation and also block harmful oxidation. It also causes the blood vessels to the eyes to dilate and while that sends extra healing blood flow to the eyes, it unfortunately turns the eyes red and blood shot.

There are several different ways to handle blood shot eyes. – Tweet this.

You can make sure that you get plenty to drink. Having a lot of fluids on board will help the eyes from drying out when you’re using cannabis and perhaps reduce the symptom.

You could use a product like Visine or any other eye drops that hydrates the eyes and will help to remove that redness. – Tweet this.

Get a great pair of sunglasses and wrap the red eyes behind the sunglasses where only you know about them.

The easiest way to prevent the red eyes from coming on in the first place is to change the product that you’re using. THC is the cannabinoid most closely associated with blood vessel dilation. If you don’t want to have red eyes, reduce the amount of THC in your product and that will help you to have less blood vessel dilation and less red eye.