Tune into an informative interview with Peter Hoppenfeld as he and I discuss the legal status of CBD and Medical Marijuana, and where it could go in the near future. Peter is the “Marketer who also happens to be a Lawyer”, a well seasoned attorney whose mission is to strategically move businesses to their financial goals while staying within the legal guidelines. Peter explains to us all manners of legal issues, not only the federal legality of CBD and Medical Cannabis, but also the movement of product across states, over the internet, and to practitioners patients overall.

  • Listen in as Peter explains to us that CBD Oil is perfectly legal as it is a non-THC derivative of the Hemp plant and everything that goes along with that label.
  • Learn what the FDA has to say about CBD Oil and how it is related to other supplements and the sale of those items.
  • Discover the difference between a one on one conversation between doctor and patient and what you put on your website for financial gain.
  • Find out some shocking information about banks and what issues they may have taking money from dispensaries or practitioners who sell CBD products
  • Learn from the story of Dr. Michael Bruce, the “Sleep Doctor”, who had to learn the legal way to get his patients the true information on CBD and how it can help those with sleep issues.