In this interview, I talk with Candace Lawrence, a well known expert on cannabis, as she explains to us the rundown on CBD oil. Candace explains not only the difference between THC and CBD oils, but also the unique benefits of CBD and what it does for the body. We discuss the various methods delivery systems for CBD and the many ways CBD is used. We also touch upon the rocky journey the U.S. and other countries are on in accepting the medical benefits and legalizing marijuana and CBD oils.

  • Discover where CBD comes from – vs. THC – and how delicate the Cannabis plant truly is, compared to the HEMP plant.
  • Bring to light the truth about how THC and CBD hit different brain receptors. That THC only hits 56 receptors where CBD hits up to 680 different receptors in the brain.
  • Find out the many different ailments including CBD is being used to treat, including but not limited to Eczema, Parkinson’s, Fibromyalgia, Cancer and many more.
  • Listen as Candice tells us about clinics in Massachusetts using CBD to combat opioid addictions, and a miraculous seven day CBD patch that has been shown to radically diminish alcohol and nicotine addictions.
  • Learn all about the new and exciting forms CBD and medical marijuana come in including edibles, energy bars, and even soft drinks. Luckily there are both organic and vegan options on the menu.