Ruderalis is a great alternative to high THC plants as it’s low levels still show the same positive effects that CBD does.

Ruderalis: The Low THC Alternative

We’ve been talking about various strains used to be cultivated from medical marijuana, including indica or sativa. But I wanted to share with you this really fun strain that I found while I was doing my research for you, just for some additional information.

So the particular species I wanted to talk to you about today is cannabis ruderalis. And the reason it is so interesting is because it has almost no psychological effect. It has very limited amounts of the cannabinoid THC, but it’s very high in CBD. And that has been making it popular among breeding stock in legalized states for medical marijuana. When it’s hybridized with indica or sativa, it increases the CBD content and significantly improves the side effects of relaxation, muscle relaxation, sleep improvement, all the things that you get with that higher CBD content strain.

And interestingly, the resin from this product is very resistance to plant diseases and to pests. So it’s a wonderful part of any of the other hybrids that breeders are using to get excellent disease resistant plants that are going to provide a high content of CBD for patients who need it. It’s called cannabis ruderalis.

This is great news for the legalization initiatives in many states, as if gives many people the option for a low THC product that still carries the wonderful positive effects of CBD.