Linsay Larsen

Hi All, My name is Lindsay Larsen and I live in beautiful Bozeman MT. I am a wife to a local business owner, a stepmom to two teenage girls and I come from a family of teachers. With that said, I know first hand that real knowledge is power! I can’t wait to meet with people and share just that, my knowledge.

I have been on quite the journey since June of 2018, when I decided to quit drinking. I was quickly approached by a friend who introduced me to a company where I found hope for a pill free future. I was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2004 at 21 years old. I assumed that I would be medicated for the rest of my life. The company, Prime My Body really got me to open my mind. As of Halloween 2020, I am now proud to be pill free! 

I was introduced to Dr.Mary Clifton through another affiliate within the company. She was talking about how cannabis could have good results for reducing seizures! I was intrigued and wanted to know everything I could. I want to help my fellow warriors battling epilepsy, and every human for that matter, to better understand the importance of cannabinoids within your body. The ECS (endocannabinoid system) is the 13th system and is the body’s master switch! With more of us spreading the word and our wisdom, I believe we can help human kind survive a more natural way. Pill free, like me!

Quotes I live by:

“One day at a time.” -me

“Anything is possible, even the impossible.” -Mary Poppins

Jessica Gonzalez

Jessica Gonzalez “aka Mommy Jane” is a mom on a mission. After overcoming drug and alcohol abuse thanks to plant medicine and mindfulness practices, this mother of two decided to take her success story to social media, which birthed a powerful online community from her Instagram page, @themommyjane.

Through education, entertainment and enlightenment, @themommyjane has inspired other women to follow their passion, take their health into their own hands and get their feet rooted in the cannabis industry.

When she isn’t breaking the stigma about cannabis consuming mothers or educating on the endocannabinoid system, Jessica is coaching women behind the scenes to live their best lives by growing their brand, their social media presence and their confidence so they too can put their best face forward each and every day.

“I am so grateful for Dr. Mary Clifton’s Cannabinoid Protocol. It is the perfect tool to really elevate your wellness education so you understand how cannabinoids can help you and the ones you love. Or it can be a great way to get a foot into an abundant and rewarding industry.”

Sailene Ossman

Sailene Ossman is the ultimate hostess, pioneer and advocate of cannabis culture. Elevating the cannabis experience for eager guests through education stokes her fire. From being the owner of a premiere cannabis delivery service in Los Angeles, to her Merry Jane network cooking show Smoke In The Kitchen, to hosting Glowing Goddess Getaways and Privée Social Club parties around the United States, Sailene has been entertaining, educating, and elevating with cannabis for decades.

Sailene is the author of CBD Cocktails: Take the edge off with over 100 relaxing recipes. This full-color book features one of the hottest trends in craft cocktails: CBD, the non-psychoactive extract from cannabis that aids anxiety, pain relief, and insomnia.

As queen of Venice, California’s Abbot Kinney since the mid-90s, when she managed Abbot’s Habit, the legendary hub of the local community, she was a public figure with a secret life. In addition to the coffee shop, for those in the know, she ran the equally legendary (no-name) cannabis delivery service, which kept the locals supplied with their favorite herb.

Amy Marie Fairchild, MSCAM

Amy Marie Fairchild, MSCAM is the Founder of Holistic Concierge Company based in California, which provides customized complementary alternative medicine protocols for chronic disorders. After becoming disenchanted with conventional medicines approach to prescribing prescription medications to address her symptoms only with her own health, she embarked on the journey to learn about natural, plant modalities in order to get to the root cause of such chronic disorders. After finishing a master’s program in Complementary Alternative Medicine in 2017, Amy joined the Dr. Raw Organics team, as Director of Education and Marketing. Dr. Raw Organics is a California licensed manufacturer of vegan, gluten free cannabis infused products utilizing all organic, non-gmo ingredients. Amy travels throughout California educating patients and dispensary staff on how cannabis can be used to help support numerous disorders.  Joining Dr. Mary Clifton’s Cannabinol Protocol Certification was the next step to enhancing her clinical knowledge on how certain cannabinoids impact our health. Amy has seen firsthand how incorporating legal cannabis into a supportive protocol can do for improving an individual’s quality of life. She also consults with pet owners on how CBD can be used to support their fur babies.

Amy Chin

Amy Chin is the Founder of Calm Better Days. As a Sufferer of anxiety and postpartum depression, she found great relief with CBD. There were days where she didn’t want to get out of bed and would think why her? Why is this her life? With CBD, she was able to regain her life, and face the day. No longer was she an impatient cranky tired mess that flew off the handle one too many times. She was now a more patient, present and mindful person that was able to respond to life’s twists and turns instead of reacting. She was finally thriving instead of sinking. She had found her Calm Better Days. When she saw the difference in herself, that’s when she knew she had to help others understand how CBD can help in a myriad of ways. Calm Better Days helps educate clients on CBD, from what is, how to use it, what to use it for and finding your dosage. Calm Better Days will also tailor a CBD regimen addressing your needs and lifestyle.
As queen of Venice, California’s Abbot Kinney since the mid-90s, when she managed Abbot’s Habit, the legendary hub of the local community, she was a public figure with a secret life. In addition to the coffee shop, for those in the know, she ran the equally legendary (no-name) cannabis delivery service, which kept the locals supplied with their favorite herb.

Denise Costello RN, MS

Denise Costello RN is a Cannabis Nurse, Holistic Healer and creator of the Pro-Immunity Lifestyle Formula that teaches people how to naturally and joyfully activate their own self-healing so they can live their best, most vibrant life.
With over 30 years experience working in both clinical and holistic settings, Denise has helped hundreds of people suffering due to chronic illness, pain, stress, cancer and anxiety who no longer want to be reliant on costly and harsh pharmaceuticals find relief naturally. Denise has dedicated her life to curating the most up-to-date, cutting edge practices and modalities for health, healing and naturally boosting the immune system. As a result, her clients experience a reduction in pain, increase their mobility, have better sleep, decrease their anxiety and feel like they can get their lives back again.

Denise believes vibrant health and healing doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. In fact, it can be fun and joyful when you know how to make simple tweaks to your lifestyle. Which is why Denise is so passionate about sharing her expertise and vast knowledge of these powerful therapeutics with the world.