[0:00] What can be done for serious, aggressive cancers?

[0:22] Cannabinoids and cancer-fighting pathways.

[0:47] PGP pumps on cell surface. 

[1:33] Cannabinoid use during chemotherapy.


CBD and other cannabinoid formulations are being studied closely, and they appear to work in a number of different ways. 

They work through the MKAP pathway to help to allow a cancer cell to identify that it is okay to proceed to cell death. Cancer cells are weirdly immortal, and they don’t recognize normal pathways of apoptosis or cell death. 

Using the MKP pathway and the ceramide pathway will help to stimulate the cancer cell to recognize that it should move through a normal process and die, just like other cells.

One of the ways that I love CBD or other cannabinoids and their effect on cancer and the effectiveness of chemotherapy is by the regulation of PGP pumps on the cell surface. 

What are PGP pumps?

PGP pumps work on each individual cell. They’re in the membrane of the cell, and they help the cell to pump out toxins that come into the cell. But as they see a toxin repeatedly, they get increasingly effective at pumping it out. 

Over time, something such as chemotherapy becomes less and less effective, because as soon as it enters the cells, these PGP pumps just push it right back out. So, it’s exciting that scientists are finding, at least in the laboratory, that certain cannabinoid formulations can be valuable at helping these PGP pumps sort of allow the toxins to sit in the cell longer.

How do cannabinoids interact with cancer and cancer chemotherapy?

If you are starting chemotherapy, it’s important to work with an expert in cannabinoids, as well as closely with your oncologist. Cannabinoids can change the way that the liver breaks down certain chemotherapy agents, so it’s important that your oncologist knows anything that you’re thinking about doing with your cancer chemotherapy and the addition of cannabinoids. 

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