MEET pauline simms

Cannabinoid Protocol Certified Coach

I am Pauline Simms; I am a Certified Cannabis CBD Coach and Luxury Travel Agent for world class vacations. I was Born in Kingston Jamaica and immigrated to the US as a little girl. I loved experiencing the snow and the different weathers in my new home in New Jersey. I have over 20 years working in corporate America being part of a top pharmaceutical company and making a great living. I worked towards my degree while being a single mother and while holding down my full time position. I have multiple degrees in liberal studies with my focus in Psychology and in Communication. I decided to enroll in The Cannabinoid Protocol Coaching Program because Dr Mary is a recognized expert in the medical cannabis field, I value the practical training and the accessibility of Dr Mary. I believe in the healing powers that are on this planet and we must tap into them. Herbs and Plants have always been my interest, I studied Botany in college to understand the various aspects of plants after all it’s in my Blood. Currently I educate and Coach clients for Cannabis CBD supplementation, which includes specific options and serving recommendations in a holistic approach. I Love to travel, cook, and make new friends everywhere I go!

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