Autism Symptoms Show Improvement With CBD & THC

Autism Symptoms Show Improvement With CBD & THCTreating Autism with CBD

Evidence supports the therapeutic effect of CBD in a number of chronic disease states for treatments in adults with spasticity, chronic pain social anxiety and PTSD. There is good research surrounding certain seizure disorders, showing a reduction in the frequency of seizures by up to 30%. THC, unfortunately, can cause sedation and lethargy and is not well tolerated by some. Varying cognitive changes, the sensation of getting high, and the psychoactive effects of THC can create an uncomfortable situation for many who use it.

Study: Real life Experience of Medical Cannabis Treatment in Autism: Analysis of Safety and Efficacy

But is THC or CBD of any value in autism? Perhaps. In preliminary research that was performed in Israel with my dear friend, Annabelle Manalo in 2018, data was analyzed over two years on 188 patients on the spectrum. At six months of treatment, cannabis was found to be safe and effective. The study showed the improvement in symptoms in the majority of patients. Improvements included all categories, quality of life, positive mood, ability to dress independently, and good sleep, as well as better concentration in anywhere between 31 to 66% improvement in patients.

This study was completed using a high CBD/low THC strain of oil, of tincture, in again in autistic children who were evaluated in Israel. So CBD, in addition to being valuable for spasticity, chronic pain, social anxiety, may also be finding its position in the autistic community.

Dr. Mary Clifton


Dr. Mary Clifton is an Internal Medicine doctor in New York City, with 20 years of experience in both the hospital and private practice and is also a licensed by the New York State Department of Health to provide medical marijuana and is a recognized expert in CBD, Cannabis, and Medical Marijuana.

She is a published researcher, national speaker on women’s health and osteoporosis, and author of four books, and two new soon-to-be-released books on CBD and Cannabis – what you need to know, how to use them and a COOKBOOK to support ease of use.



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