Cannabis is easy to use and the risk of overdose is essentially impossible. With that said, I am unable to tell you exactly what dose to start at. Even medical centers such as the Mayo Clinic have suggested varying dosages. Everybody is different, so it’s not possible to predict what dosage you will need. Many factors contribute to finding the proper amount. Here are just a few.



Factors that Can Affect Cannabis Dosages













Cannabis Overdose is Nearly Impossible

I would love to provide you with a cannabis dosage calculator, but unfortunately there are just too many factors that can alter a person’s dosage. But rest assured overdosing is nearly an impossibility. There are really no cannabinoid receptors in the brainstem, nor any area that affects breathing or heart rate, making CBD and cannabis the ideal solution for pain management and anxiety.

Start Slow

New to cannabis? If you are just beginning your journey with cannabis I recommend starting with the minimum dosage and gradually increasing that dosage until you have received your desired results. Tincture or vape are ideal products to regulate your dosage. Unfortunately edibles can be unpredictable as they take as long as 90 minutes to initiate. Making it hard to gage your response.



Directions for Use

Find a product that you enjoy and preferably one with a fast acting onset like a tincture or a vape. Begin with a low dosage, increase slowing and give yourself adequate time before upping the dosage. That’s the most assured way that you’re going to have a successful experience with your trial of cannabis and cannabis products!

I hope this CBD usage and overdose information has be helpful. Please contact me if you have any questions. 

-Mary Clifton, MD