Four Reasons Why Athletes are Expected to Turn to Cannabis in 2019

Does Cannabis Create Better Athletes?

An athlete running - Four Reasons Why Athletes are Expected to Turn to Cannabis in 2019Athletes all over the world in every branch of athletics are using cannabis; baseball, football, but also ice hockey, bobsledding, skeleton. Women who are elite athletes practicing on a global scale use a lot of cannabis.

It turns out though that a study from the 1970s doesn’t support any value in cannabis making you a super athlete. Other than increasing the heart rate, it didn’t do anything to improve breathing capabilities and it didn’t increase hand grip strength. However, cannabis may help by decreasing anxiety when you’re in the middle of a very significant competition, which is important, and it may also significantly improve sleep and reduce inflammation. So after a big workout, reducing inflammation more quickly and getting a really good, deep, restorative sleep, may be exactly what helps to drive athletic performance.

What Specific Ways Can Cannabis Benefit Athletes?

  1. Increased Heart Rate
  2. Decreased Anxiety
  3. Improved Sleep
  4. A Reduction in inflammation

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Dr. Mary Clifton


Dr. Mary Clifton is an Internal Medicine doctor in New York City, with 20 years of experience in both the hospital and private practice and is also a licensed by the New York State Department of Health to provide medical marijuana and is a recognized expert in CBD, Cannabis, and Medical Marijuana.

She is a published researcher, national speaker on women’s health and osteoporosis, and author of four books, and two new soon-to-be-released books on CBD and Cannabis – what you need to know, how to use them and a COOKBOOK to support ease of use.



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