During this video Dr. Mary Clifton speaks about the studies which may suggest that some types of cancers may be stimulated by THC.


What you’ll Learn

  • Studies Related to Stimulated Cancer
  • The Types of Cancers Stimulated by THC and Cannabis
  • Cancer Growth

Cancer Growth and THC

Could cannabis or THC have a pro-cancer effect? Are there any cancers where it actually may help cancer grow? There have been some researchers who have suggested that certain breast cancers in the laboratory are stimulated by THC, and other researchers who found a stimulation of abnormal focuses in rate bone marrow with THC. However, rat bone marrow really is entirely different metabolically than human bone marrow.

There has been a persistent suggestion that heavy use of THC is associated with the development of testicular cancer. That link has been discussed for decades. In fact, a case control study many years ago looked at 163 young men with testicular cancer compared to 292 control men without cancer and found that the men who smoked cannabis presented with twice as much risk of developing a form of testicular cancer with a poor prognosis compared to those who hadn’t smoked any.

Nevertheless, in 2017, a Swedish epidemiologic study put the discussion to rest. The study included merely 50,000 men who had been followed for 40 years from 1970 to 2011. The Swedish epidemiologists found no relationship between lifetime cannabis use ever and the development of testicular cancer. At this point, other than some very small, rather insignificant laboratory research, there does not appear to be any increased risk in the development of cancer, particular testicular cancer in relationship to the use of cannabis.