Using Cannabis With Your Partner May Increase Intimacy | Research for Couples


Couple being intimate - Using Cannabis With Your Partner May Increase Intimacy | Research for CouplesDoes using cannabis with your partner improve the affection and intimacy between the two of you?

New York City actually uses more cannabis than any other city in the United States. 77 tons per year. That sounds like it’s good news for the couples in our city.

As a wide array of benefits from marijuana consumption are coming to light in the scientific world. A new study finds simultaneous cannabis use can increase the likelihood of intimacy between couples.

The study, “Marijuana Use Episodes and Partner Intimacy Experiences,” published in February by The Research Society of Marijuana, investigated the impact of cannabis-use on couples. And whether or not it brought on positive effects. In this 30 day study looking at 183 couples, they were asked to rate their affection with their partner. It turned out that when couples used cannabis together they reported a higher rate of lovemaking, affection, and other signs of caring and support.

Going Solo? Intimacy Increased Even Without a Partner

Similar effects on intimacy were reported when only one partner used cannabis (marijuana) either alone or during intimacy with their partner. The study showed “significant positive effects” on intimacy after solo use and in some instances even increased reports of intimacy.

“The robust positive effects of using marijuana with one’s partner on intimacy events may serve to reinforce continued couple use and explain the positive effects of concordant substance use on relationship functioning over time,” the researchers concluded.

Next time you find yourself “between the sheets” give cannabis a try and let me know if you too experienced a deeper sense of intimacy.

Dr. Mary Clifton


Dr. Mary Clifton is an Internal Medicine doctor in New York City, with 20 years of experience in both the hospital and private practice and is also a licensed by the New York State Department of Health to provide medical marijuana and is a recognized expert in CBD, Cannabis, and Medical Marijuana.

She is a published researcher, national speaker on women’s health and osteoporosis, and author of four books, and two new soon-to-be-released books on CBD and Cannabis – what you need to know, how to use them and a COOKBOOK to support ease of use.



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